Throughout our training programs, we often provide resources that can assist PCP’s and families in understanding and  treating mental health issues in children and adolescents. We are pleased to share many of these resources and we hope that you find them useful.

We have included many of the clinical assessment tools that are discussed during the core training program, as well as additional material and links that we hope you will find helpful. You can access a list of the resources we have available online by clicking here. If you are looking for a particular form, flow chart, scale or article that we have not listed, please contact us or call Michele Phillips at 518-581-5015, ext. 3310.

Many of the resources that we provide are the same documents that Dr. Jeffrey Daly shares with his patients and families in his practice. This same material is also shared with the pediatricians and primary care clinicians who participate with our program. We hope that this information gives you a deeper understanding and provides additional support as you try to help your child. Most importantly, we encourage you to talk to your child’s doctor if you have any questions or concerns.