The Effects of Marijuana and Other Drugs on the Teen Brain

Date: 04-05-18 Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Where: Four Winds Hospital - Westchester, NY

Four Winds Hospital – Westchester
800 Cross River Road, Cross River, New York 10536

This program is free to those working in Primary Care or Pediatrics offices.

Guest Presenter: Stephen L. Dewey, Ph.D
Dr. Dewey, a renowned Neuroscientist and Research Professor at New York University School of Medicine.

Dr. Dewey has examined virtually every drug of abuse, from marijuana to heroin, and its impact on the brain function of a teen. He will explain how alcohol and drug use affects the developing adolescent and adult brain. In a format that is non-judgmental and is based on objective scientific data that has been peer-reviewed and published, a range of drugs will be discussed, including caffeine (energy drinks), alcohol, nicotine, cocaine, ‘Spice,’ Ecstasy, opiates, and methamphetamine. Learn how the environment causes relapse to drug-seeking behavior, the science behind vaping and recent clinical findings following both the acute and long-term consequences of it. Actual PET images will be shown.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will:

  1. Better understand how the addictive liability of a drug depends to a large extent on its ability to change brain dopamine levels as well as the time it takes to do it.
  2. Explain ways that addictive drugs interfere with neuronal communication in the brain.
  3. Identify some potential neurochemical reasons why teenagers are more vulnerable to drug addiction than adults.

Dinner will be provided.

For further information about this program or for details regarding continuing medical education credit, please contact Michele Phillips at 1-844-892-5070, option 4.